MSPLOST & The Transit Boondoggle


/ˈbo͞onˌdäɡ(ə)l/ noun

Your voice matters, and it's crucial to be informed about the upcoming 2024 ballot initiative for a special 1% sales tax lasting 30 years and beyond- the MSPLOST. The proposed $10.9 billion expenditure is not just a penny; it's a long-term commitment that deserves careful consideration. VOTE NO!

Here are some important Transit facts to consider:

Stay Informed:

For a comprehensive perspective on Mass Transit past, present, and future, consider exploring the CATO Institute's insightful study using the link below.

Your Vote Matters!

Make an informed decision and VOTE NO on the MSPLOST. Let's preserve our community's values and fiscal responsibility.

Interesting StudIEs

CATO Institute study

Following is the link to the CATO Institute study which is referenced multiple times in this section.

National Association of Counties Study

Following is a PDF to an interesting study done by the National Association of Counties (NACo) which champions first mile and last mile ride sharing opportunities to increase ridership on existing transit systems.