School Board & Tax Increase

If you are still paying School Taxes, this is approximately 60% of your property tax bill. If you are over 62, you have probably applied for and received the School Tax exemption. This exemption only applies to your primary residence. The lust for more of our hard-earned money never ends.

The Cobb County school budget/tax collection is projected to be over $1.75 BILLION this year. Cobb County schools spend the national average per student of approximately $12,000 per student.  More money alone does not necessarily result in improved academic performance as is demonstrated below. 

Some interesting facts you should know about Cobb County student performance:

Does spending more per student on education improve academic achievement? Here are the facts:

What should you conclude? More money alone is not the panacea for academic results. There are many factors that go into academic success, not the least of which is active parental involvement in the child's education. It is a complex issue, but it is clear that money alone will not upgrade a school system's performance, so keep that in mind when choosing school board members.