Cobb  Tax Revolt

This isn't a blue or red issue! It's a green issue we all share a stake in!

Your taxes don't go up because of the value of your property.

Our elected officials vote each year to raise your taxes.

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Cobb County voted on July 25 for a full tax increase. If you own property or pay rent your housing cost will go up. This will make housing less affordable and less attainable for all in Cobb. 

If the board had set the rate at the tax-neutral rate, then there would have been no increase in property tax collected. If the Board keeps the tax rate the same as last year, then the tax increase you see on your assessment, or more, will be collected this year and every year thereafter. However, this year's bill has a one-time state tax credit that makes it appear that your bill was lower.  In reality, what happened is that Cobb raised you taxes and took much of that credit.

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Email your board members and tell them to stop hurting Cobb Residents with these tax increases. Tell them to stop giving your hard-earned dollars away. To stop hiring expensive consults. To stop trying to make Cobb less affordable. To stop driving people out of their homes with the tax increase VOTES they hold each year.

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